An investment management platform for venture captial

GP Flow provides venture capital firms with a comprehensive, modern platform to help deepen their relationships with investors.

GP Flow Platform

An integrated platform for venture capital firms.


Streamline investor self service and manage your investor relationships.

Digital Subscriptions

Go completely digital with your marketing, investment and security management.

Investor Portal

Deliver an institutional quality, modern investor portal driving instant credibility.

Investor Relations

Onboard more investors with your 24/7 Investor Relations team.

Cap Table Management

Focus on growth, not managing your cap table.

Overdeliver on investor expectations


Create and share your offerings to build investor pipeline.


Deliver a simple and accessible self service experience.


Streamline the management process with simple and automated workflows.

Offload compliance, legal, tax and reporting

  • We partner with leading securities attorneys and accountants that support you
  • GP Flow can take care of the paperwork so you can focus on the deals and investors
Investor Services

Streamline your operations and investor support

  • Simplify LP onboarding with in the trenches support on managing the digital subscription experience
  • Offboard investor distributions and fund management

A different kind of investing experience

Commercial real estate can give you cash flow, wealth stability, and diversification. We help you get there.

Meticulous Diligence

Every real estate asset has been comprehensively vetted by our experienced investment team

Smart Technology

Transparent and secure technology on the blockchain reduces friction and fees

Professional Management

We partner with leading operators and steward the asset over the lifetime of your investment
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