Your data is sensitive

That’s why we combine enterprise-grade security with regular audits to ensure you and your investors are always protected.

Security Overview

GP Flow's security practices cover infrastructure, people and software development.


We use industry best practices to provide GP Flow’s services.


We ensure every GP Flow employee is vetted and trained


Our product is built with security and quality top of mind.

We're built to manage your most sensitive data

Secure infrastructure provider

All our data is housed within physically secure, U.S.-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) centers, which offer around-the-clock onsite security, video surveillance, and additional measures.

Data encryption

All data in transit to or from our system is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS), while all customer data stored within our system is secured using AES-256 encryption.

Data resiliency

Our system infrastructure is designed for fault tolerance. All our databases operate in a clustered arrangement, and the application layer scales using load-balancing technology, dynamically adapting to demand.

Strict access controls

Access to our systems is overseen by our identity management provider, which automates user setup, enforces two-factor authentication (2FA), and records all activity.

Passwordless access

Cybersecurity experts agree: passwords are outdated and insecure. GP Flow provides you and your investors a secure, hassle-free experience with passwordless authentication.

Server security and monitoring

All servers are set up in accordance with a documented security guideline set, with image management centralized. Modifications to our infrastructure are monitored, and security incidents are accurately logged.


We hold our team to the highest standards

Formal security policies

We have an extensive set of explicit security policies that are regularly updated to adapt to evolving security landscapes. These resources are accessible to all team members, disseminated during training sessions and via the company's internal knowledge repositor

Strict onboarding and offboarding

Every team member is subject to a detailed background assessment, as well as an annual Information Security (InfoSec) training. Upon an employee's exit, we immediately disable their devices, applications, and access rights using our Identity and Mobile Device Management solutions.

Continuous security training

Our Security Team offers constant learning opportunities about emerging security risks, conducts phishing awareness initiatives, and maintains regular communication with employees.

Dedicated security team

We have a dedicated Security Team in place, composed of highly trained professionals with a thorough understanding of the evolving cybersecurity landscape. This team oversees all aspects of our security, from policy enforcement and incident response to employee training and system checks.


Our software developers keep security top of mind

Penetration testing

Frequent in-house system intrusion tests are executed, and we work alongside trusted security organizations to conduct external intrusion tests.

Application monitoring

Every instance of application access is recorded and reviewed. In addition, we employ a diverse range of tools to rapidly detect and neutralize threats, such as a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and a Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) system.

Software development

Software creation is carried out following a thoroughly documented Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process. Every alteration is monitored through GitHub. Automated checks guarantee that all changes are peer-reviewed and pass an array of tests prior to production deployment.

Third-party vendor security

We undertake rigorous assessments to ensure that every third-party application and service provider complies with our data protection and security standards before we engage their services.

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