Unlock controlled liquidity

Digital securities give you access to new investor groups and allow you to raise more capital by removing liquidity as a friction point in your capital raising.

Access more capital

Attract a new pool of investors with embedded compliance

  • Manage embedded compliance controls to access a global network of distributors and investors
  • Leverage KYC, accreditation and other eligibility controls to safely broaden your investor pool
Increase capital velocity

Deliver flexibility for LPs to recycle capital into your next deal

  • Offer flexibility to your LPs, giving them the ability to seamlessly transfer their interests with approved counterparties
  • Set controlled valuation ranges for your membership units of each investment
  • Give your LPs the ability to recycle capital into your future deals through secondary market access
Enable secondary transfers

Make your firm and offerings stand out

  • Provide digital wallets to investors without any complexity or learning curves
  • Approved transfers between members, at low cost and with securities compliance automatically enforced
  • Approve the automatic listing your digital securities on leading alternate trading systems (ATS) after 12 months

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GP Flow is your end-to-end blockchain solution that combines investor and digital security management.
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