Introducing Atlas - Powered by OpenAI

Onboard more investors with your 24/7 Investor Relations team

Atlas is a AI-powered chatbot that knows your business. Save Q&A time on your offerings and improve your investor experience.

Atlas is your investor relations sidekick, fine-tuned to answer your investor questions

Responds in plain english

Holds complete support conversations in plain English, powered by the latest GPT-4.

Zero set-up required

Zero setup required. Just point it at your investment documents and turn it on.

Escalates any issues

Seamlessly passes more complex questions directly to a human.
Zero setup required

Atlas learns everything it needs from your website and legal docs

  • Just point Atlas at your website and offering materials and the bot will instantly read and learn all about your firm and the investment
  • The bot starts working immediately - you don’t need to train it or create new content
  • Atlas can start resolving investor questions instantly, and provide general information explaining terms and professional lingo
Investor Relations you can trust

Atlas will happily answer the same question 1,000 times

  • Atlas only provides answers based on your website, investment documents and general investing concepts
  • Artificial intelligence doesn't get tired, sick or late - and is ready to go 24/7
  • Atlas also references source materials so your investors and prospects can trust responses and dig deeper if needed
Issue escalation

Atlas knows your business

  • Atlas is equipped and trained on SEC rules, regulations and general investment industry
  • Atlas routes more complex queries directly to human investor relations teams, ensuring that your investors get the best possible experience every time
  • Atlas asks clarifying questions before handover, saving your team time and effort.

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