Electronic Communications Agreement

GP Flow LLC, its affiliates and third party service providers of GP Flow LLC (“GP Flow”, “We”, “Our”, “Us” or “Company”) may need to provide you (“Sponsor” or “you”) with disclosures, agreements, statements, notices, letters, reports, current and future account statements, investment materials and federal or state tax materials (“Communications”) related to the services provided to you by GP Flow (the “Services”). 

Your agreement to this Electronic Communications Agreement (“Agreement”) confirms your ability and consent to receive Communications electronically from GP Flow (the “Consent”) and also that GP Flow may use electronic signatures and obtain them from you. 

Electronic Delivery of Communications 

You agree and acknowledge that GP Flow may provide all Communications to you electronically by email or by making them accessible via websites or applications hosted by GP Flow which may require you to input your login information or other credentials for access which you agree to maintain and keep secure. 

You also agree that:

  • We may provide Communications to you by sending you an email regarding Communications that are available on the GP Flow website or application; and
  • You have access to and will use the Minimum Hardware and Software as outlined below required to access Communications.  

Email Address 

You agree to keep your email address with GP Flow accurate and actively monitored for Communications from GP Flow. You may change your email address through the Services and GP Flow does not accept any responsibility from email communications being sent to an email previously provided to GP Flow. 

Your consent to the Agreement includes your agreement to be bound by any request, demand or agreement entered into by any person using the Email and Password associated with your Account on the GP Flow website or applications. 

Electronic Signatures

You agree you will not contest the legal effectiveness, validity, enforceability or use of any Communications signed by you based on the fact that the terms were accepted electronically, and you further agree that any such agreement entered into electronically will be deemed to be “in writing” and to have been “signed” by you with the same effect as a manual signature (and any electronic record of such agreement will be deemed to be “in writing”).

Minimum Hardware and Software

To receive Communications from GP Flow, you agree to have access to: 

  • A computer or other electronic device with Internet connectivity and a recent web browser that is supported by GP Flow that supports native PDF rendering (or a program to read and display PDF files such as Adobe Acrobat Reader); 
  • Access to the email address you provided to us to create or update your account on gpflow.com. - Sufficient storage space to save Communications and/or a printer to print them. 

You acknowledge that you may incur expenses or charges to maintain the Minimum Hardware and Software necessary to access Communications. 

Withdrawing Consent

Your Consent is effective immediately upon your acceptance of this Agreement. 

You may withdraw your agreement to the Consent at any time by emailing GP Flow at legal@gpflow.com. You may write to the GP Flow postal address and request that GP Flow send you a paper copy of Communications that the law requires us to provide you. 

You agree that if you withdraw your consent to receive electronic Communications or request paper copies, GP Flow may charge a reasonable service charge (to the extent permitted by law) for the delivery of paper copies to you. 

If you withdraw or do not provide your Consent, You may also lose access to certain services provided by us. Any withdrawal of your Consent will be effective after GP Flow processes your request - we will confirm your withdrawal of consent and its effective date in writing. 


Legal notices to you will be provided either to the email you provide to GP Flow during the account registration process or posted on the Website. 

Notice will be deemed given 24 hours after email is sent, unless the sending party is notified that the email address is invalid. You agree that all notices and other communications that GP Flow provides to you electronically (by email or by linking on the Website) satisfies any legal requirement that such notice or communication be in writing. 

Except as explicitly stated otherwise, legal notices to GP Flow should be emailed to legal@gpflow.com.