GP Flow vs SyndicationPro - what's the difference?

Investor expectations are rising and you need your firm and offerings to stand out.

GP Flow allows you to deliver a modern, user-friendly investor experience that fits your brand and investors will actually use.

Why choose GP Flow versus SyndicationPro?

Easily collect commitments and save thousands on ACH

Reduce friction for your investors and make it easy for them to give you money with customizable investment marketing pages and streamlined ACH transfers.

You can collect soft commitments for your deals in two clicks, and avoid drop out rates from investors having to create an account or investment entities.

GP Flow also provides you with free ACH for investor contributions and distributions, saving you thousands of dollars and improving your deal's returns.

Dedicated Success Manager

GP Flow gives you a dedicated success and assurance manager, with 24/7 phone availability, at no extra cost.

Raising capital and managing investors can be complex and time consuming.

You can offload everything to GP Flow free of charge including entity updates, investor support or distribution management.

Keep your CRM in place

Whether ActiveCampaign, HubSpot or another purpose-built CRM - GP Flow is designed to enable these workflows and doesn't require you to migrate to a subpar CRM.

You can keep your Single Source of Truth, seamlessly sync contacts and automatically track investor activity from GP Flow within your CRM.

Join the GPs getting ahead of the curve

The fastest growing GPs and Fund Managers have one thing in common - an ability to attract and onboard capital quickly.

GP Flow provided us with access to a new capital & differentiated technology.

Mark Limpert, Principal

GP Flow provides us exposure to the future of sponsor platform technology.

Rob Beardsley, Principal

GP Flow has enabled our team to focus on acquisitions and asset management.

Erik Peterson, SVP

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