GP Flow vs Avestor - what's the difference?

Launching your fund shouldn't require large upfront costs, vendor lock-in or competing for your investor's attention with other fund managers.

GP Flow gives you a lower-risk, more flexible and more powerful platform for launching your fund and delivering a great investor experience.

Why choose GP Flow versus Avestor?

You don't need to spend $20,000 to get started

Legal work and fund structuring can be done by most law firms, and new GPs and Fund Managers should expect to pay $6,000 to $8,000 to set-up a fund - even a customizable one (traditionally known as Flex Funds or Investor Choice Funds).

The documents are off-the-shelf templates with a few customizations and you shouldn't be fooled by the naming.

The legal structure is independent from the technology delivery, and working directly with a legal professional will ensure you get the right solution for your business... not one that fits Avestor's model.

Own your investor narrative and experience

Investor relationships are critical for your success, and pooling them in a 'Marketplace Model' only adds more competition for their attention and capital.

Growing your fund requires investor trust, loyalty and scalability through repeat investment.

GP Flow gives your a white-label portal integrated with your website where you control the investor experience.

Retain flexibility and avoid vendor lock-in

Your business is going to evolve and change over time - and you want to ensure you have the right building blocks and partners in place for each step of the journey.

GP Flow helps you retain flexibility for your legal, technology and accounting needs - ensuring you have options as your fund grows.

Join the GPs getting ahead of the curve

The fastest growing GPs and Fund Managers have one thing in common - an ability to attract and onboard capital quickly.

GP Flow provided us with access to a new capital & differentiated technology.

Mark Limpert, Principal

GP Flow provides us exposure to the future of sponsor platform technology.

Rob Beardsley, Principal

GP Flow has enabled our team to focus on acquisitions and asset management.

Erik Peterson, SVP

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