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How the switch from IMS to GP Flow transformed Matheson’s investor onboarding and retention

Customer Highlights

Implemented a scalable Investor Onboarding process

As Matheson aimed to upscale its operations from $100 million to $1 billion, they required a strong investor marketing and onboarding system that they could leverage for their growth. Using HubSpot CRM for their core investor marketing programs, their objective was to amplify this experience and continue to attract a larger base of happy, referenceable investors.

Streamlined Bulk ACH Distributions

Matheson's previous system was mired in cumbersome manual uploads. Processing NACHA files every quarter was cumbersome and wouldn’t scale. With GP Flow, they facilitated a shift to monthly distributions, a crucial pivot that significantly bolstered investor trust, delivering ACH directly to connected bank accounts and cutting distribution time from hours to minutes.

Upleveling their Investor Experience

GP Flow’s solution digitizes the entire investor journey and delivers a market-leading investor experience that drives referrals and investor satisfaction. Using the native e-signaturing, KYC and investor accreditation process made the process seamless for investors - enhancing engagement, fostering trust


Matheson Capital is a real estate private equity firm based in Charleston, South Carolina. Through value-added strategies and a focus on the Southeast, they have delivered above-market returns through thirteen multifamily acquisitions; seven successful repositions and sales, one refinance, and a weighted average LP IRR of 40%.


In search of a platform to help them attract and onboard more investors as they crossed $100m of transaction value, they were looking to replace their outdated, non-user-friendly legacy provider and uplevel their investor experience in conjunction with their investor marketing programs in HubSpot.


Identifying their core needs of simplifying and elevating their investor experience, Matheson Capital turned to GP Flow. Their objective: a market-leading investor experience, leverage their existing CRM workflows in HubSpot, deliver an investor portal adept at converting interest to solid investments and a solution to their cumbersome quarterly NACHA file uploads.


With GP Flow, Matheson Capital not only found a platform that scales with their growth but also a comprehensive tool to improve their overall investor experience. Post implementation, their next offering rapidly raised $3m of equity from new and existing investors, and reduced their capital raising time by over 80%.